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Advantage General Insurance Company Limited is one of the largest on line insurance companies in Jamaica.

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The Challenge

Discover IT’s main goal was to introduce an online system where customers would be able to get a quotation on their insurance as well as buying car insurance online through their website. This would give customers an easier way to get an insurance policy at their own convenience without going to the nearest office.
Building the first ever online quote and buy system would save time and cost by saving company resources for customers who can get their policy online.
This would then help the company get more business online increasing their online presence. Therefor it would also help increase the number of customers who have specific requirements that needs human judgement in order to insure.

The Key Project Features

Discover IT were able to build a powerful quotation engine with the help of Kentico API, by building the first ever online quote and buy system it saves time and cost by saving company resources for customers who can get their policy online.
Kentico custom table and custom forms helped us to build the quotations pages rapidly just as the client wanted us to do.
Also with the help of Kentico custom modules, Discover IT have built the specific payment gateway needed to allow the clients customers to easily pay for insurance through PlugNPay. There is also other key features including:

  • Live link to eGov Jamaica to lookup Driver and Vehicle information.
  • Automatic Certificate Document Generation.
  • My Account.

The Results

The changes made to this website will definitely save time for customers who have to travel to a local branches or speak to a representative on the phone in order to complete an application. Why? There will no queues for them to wait in line when they apply on-line.

A word from our client
As the first General Insurance Company in Jamaica to undertake the introduction of online policies for our motor insurance products via the ‘Quote and Buy’ system, we needed to build a dynamic, highly secure, and scalable system; Discover IT delivered well beyond our expectations.

Discover IT provided us with a wealth of knowledge which allowed our team to gain a better understanding of what we needed to design and how we could accomplish this. The team at Discover IT provided invaluable support and guidance in delivering the ‘Quote and Buy’ solution which was tailor-made to suit our business and our market.

The provision of Kentico’s Content Management system has provided us with the ability to manage and update our website information as needed, as well as providing valuable tools to create efficiency and synergy in our business. They designed a striking website which embodies all the features and functionality we required.

Writing insurance policies online in Jamaica is unprecedented and as such the ability to validate data submitted by users online as well as accurately calculate policy premiums are critical components of the success of the new undertaking. Therefore we needed a robust policy engine to deliver quotations online and Discover IT, with their vast experience and expertise in the insurance sector, met our expectations by building the quote engine along with all the functionalities required to deliver quotations and policy documentation online.

Over the period that Discover IT has worked in partnership with us, their efficient, professional manner has inspired confidence in achieving the solution. Because of their years of experience and their Kentico expertise, Discover IT has been able to provide Advantage General Insurance Company Limited with an innovative advantage in service delivery and channel expansion.
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