Wandsworth Council Traded Services for Schools


Discover IT successfully created an online portal for schools to be able to purchase traded services via Wandsworth Borough Council.

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The Challenge

Traded Services for Schools promoted services on a printed brochure which provides details of the wide range of services available to Wandsworth schools and academies. The brochure gave an overview of each service, summary details of what was provided, benefits of purchasing from them along with the costs and contact details of each service.

Wandsworth Council’s main requirement was to automate traded services to accommodate the growing online demands. To achieve this they required a bespoke pricing system which calculates the price of a product depending on a school’s specification (i.e. per pupil, per staff and per area), as this was originally done manually.
Other requirements Wandsworth had were a set of comprehensive user roles for Wandsworth administrators, schools and services. For each school there would be two levels of user; one who can order products and another who can order products, but also purchase them. Another was a series of custom reports, such as a pricing report which allows certain users to select a product and view the price seen by all of the schools or for a product.

The Key Project Features

Bespoke Custom Pricing Engine

Some products have fixed prices, others have their prices are calculated depending on following criteria for each schools:

  • Number of pupils
  • Number of staff
  • Category range the number of pupils/staff fall in
  • Relationship to Wandsworth Council
  • Whether school has purchased an associated core product
  • Type of school
  • School funding

Comprehensive User Roles

  • School user and Bursar - The school user can add products to the ‘wish list’ but cannot make any purchase, whereas the Bursar/Headmaster is also able to add items to the ‘wish list’ but are allowed to approve and complete purchases.
  • Services - allowing them to create/amend the products within their service and prices for them.
  • Wandsworth Administration - allows them to do all of the above, but for all departments within Wandsworth and also add/amend/delete schools within the traded services system.

The Results

By bringing together all of the traded services into a single website, it became easier to identify and secure the services each school needs.
Our solution has delivered operational benefits for the council, schools and services as it allows them to manage their content and prices more efficiently with full system reliability. High volumes of purchases have been made within days since it was launched. The council have now saved money on printing cost and have also discontinued the Traded Services brochure.
The custom pricing engine has simplified the workload compared to how the price calculations were previously done manually. In addition, this has allow the council to free up their staff to focus on other important matters. Due to Wandsworth’s unique pricing system, our custom pricing engine can be adapted to any pricing structure for any business.

A word from our client
We needed an effective solution to convert our printed brochure of products for Traded Services for Schools into a website that would allow schools to purchase products online. The huge variety of products, individual pricing structures, varied payment options, and the requirement to present exactly the right product to the particular school type, made for a very complex set of parameters. Discover IT were able to rise to the challenge and effectively code a solution to cater for all of the possibilities. 
In addition to this, we wanted the internal services and administration teams to be able to create and manage the numerous products, reports, roles and customers. Discover IT created a back-end that enables the Wandsworth staff do this and also to maintain the website content pages for each service. 
Discover IT has worked in partnership with us, being open to discussions and meetings, and making use of their very effective issue logging system. Their efficient, professional manner has inspired confidence and, because of their years of experience and their Kentico expertise, Discover IT has been able to provide Wandsworth Council with effective results.
Rosemary Creedy
Web Team
Wandsworth Council

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