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Discover IT developed a SagePay and Sage 50 integrated webstore for the first distributor of Vibram's Fivefingers shoes

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The Challenge

Primal Lifestyle is the official distributor of Vibram's Fivefingers to the UK.

They also offer a range of services; from clinical, to educational, to sales and aftercare.

The store had to connect in real-time to the Primal Lifestyle Sage 50 Accounts system.
  • Product information had to be updated from the Sage system.
  • Custom price lists for different customer groupings must be accessed from the Sage system when a trade customer logs in.
  • Orders placed, and new customer information had to be entered directly into the Sage system, speeding up processing and eliminating transcription errors.
  • Support was also required for trade customers, where certain products were only to be exposed to logged-in customers with the relevant access rights, defined in the Sage system.
  • Also, credit limits from the Sage system had to be enforced in the web store.
  • Custom shipping rates, based on the product weight (defined in Sage) and the destination country, had to be applied.

The Key Project Features

Discover IT developed this web site using the Kentico CMS with a combination of out-of-the-box Kentico tools and some bespoke functionality.

Web services were developed to connect to the back-end database containing the product licensing data and to the remote Sage 50 Accounts system, supporting geographic dispersal of these systems.

Kentico’s code customisation facilities were utilised to insert calls to get and set any required Sage data at relevant points in the site purchase process. For example, on logging in on Kentico, customer information is returned from Sage and mapped to roles defined in Kentico CMS. When a product page is visited, customer specific pricing is shown to a logged in customer and ability to order against available inventory is controlled. On placing an order on Kentico, this order is seamlessly inserted directly into the Sage Sales Order Pipeline. No time consuming and error prone export and import, or transcription, of order data is required.

Several of Kentico’s e-commerce modules were directly mapped onto Sage features, including:

  • Volume Discount
  • Tax Class
  • Customer Credit

Discover IT developed a Sage Pay Payment Gateway for Kentico which is available for purchase. Click here for more details

The web site took about four months to design, develop and implement.

The Results

Primal Lifestyle was a great website to work on, we have managed to be able to develop a controlled, easy to manage webpage system that now allows the client to be able to manage orders easily and the customers get the best posible service.

After the new and improved website was launched there was amazing improvement to the website. The users increased by +8.81% therefor leading page views to increase by +9.34% and the bounce rate dropped by -3.43%. 

We are thrilled with the results that this website has produced over the past year and we are glad that it is working well for the customer with the up to date systems, producing the best possible turn out for its service. We hope to do more updates and improvements in the future to get the business to where it wants to be.

A word from our client
“Discover IT impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence but generated the results we were looking for. We needed an effective solution to our Primal Lifestyle website. By partnering with Discover IT, we have been able to reduce our workload consistently that enables us to attend to other matters. Because of their years of experience and their Kentico expertise, Discover IT has been able to provide us with effective results. Our experience with Discover IT confirms to us that we've chosen the right company for the job.” 
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Founder and Managing Director
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