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Hill Robinson Crew Website is an industry-leading portal amongst yacht recruiting agencies worldwide and provides an excellent service for crew recruitment for over 10 years. Hill Robinson Crew Website is committed to providing outstanding crew recruiting practices. This is the key to the website's success.

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The Challenge

Originally, the website was developed using traditional Microsoft technologies. The goal was to redevelop the website to a more contemporary standard using Kentico's development platform and web responsive practices.

The site integrates with a number of different systems:
In order to make sure emails are not blocked by spam filters, the site uses SendGrid as the email deliverability service.
To minimize the download size of the various documents uploaded by crew users, such as CVs and certificates, the site integrates with a 3rd party tool NxPowerLite which compresses Word Documents and PDF files.

The Key Project Features

Requirement understandings and Planning
After studying the specification for the project and understanding the client’s requirements, it was decided to use Microsoft Azure cloud to host the new website as it is easily scalable, flexible and secure compared to other traditional hosting environments.
Design and Responsiveness development
After finishing our initial planning phase, Discover IT concentrated on the design requirements. Smartphone and tablet usage has increased rapidly, so making the site work on a range of devices was critical. To that end, particular attention was paid to making the responsive design work for all devices. Basically, we have created fluid grid based layouts. The site is easy to manage and customizable.
Website functionality Development
The crew members can upload a CV and other documents and certificates. Hill Robinson Crew Website have access to crew members' details where they can easily search, view and select crew members based on wide-ranging criteria. The website also offers reference checking functionality – a tool to check crew suitability and reliability for their vacancies.
The site enables the website owner to administer these users. So they can amend the content of the website as well as view user’s details. Also, Hill Robinson Crew Website uses Kentico’s Role and Permission driven functionality, and it is beneficial to authorise or restrict the users effectively.

The Results

The Hill Robinson Crew website is responsive and has numerous features. It is user friendly, fast to access and has a good search engine ranking. There is also an increase in site traffic, especially from smart phone users and tablet users which is a great achievement.
With the improved Hill Robinson Crew website, newly registered and existing crew members have the opportunity to search through hundreds of vacancies that match their skills, and employers have access to crew members' details where they can easily search, view and select crew members based on wide-ranging criteria.

Deployment Strategies
Migrating the existing data was a big challenge and Discover IT developed a module for moving the existing data onto the new cloud database. Azure provides an easy deployment facility for websites. It can be done via Source Control, FTP or by IDE. Discover IT created custom domain settings for the Azure website and bought a Kentico license. 

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